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Yoni On Air - Podcast with Ilan Stephani

How do we un-learn culture and return to an ecstatic life?
// Wie ver-lernen wir Kultur und finden zurück in ein ekstatisches Lebensgefühl? //

+++ Embodiment – Sexuality – Collective Trauma Healing – Mysticism – Health +++

Ilan Stephani is a Berlin-based bestselling author and one of the most innovative visionarys in terms of global change, sex, mysticism and groundbreaking somatic research.
// Ilan Stephani ist eine der innovativsten Zukunfts-Forscherinnen in Sachen Sex, Embodiment, Mystik und kollektive Traumaheilung. Ihre Ansichten zu brennenden Themen unserer Zeit sind überraschend, unkonventionell und herausfordernd. //

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May 19, 2020

Embodiment teacher and ex-prostitute Ilan joins Mark Walsh to discuss COVID fight-flight, exhaustion and existential threat, her past life as a sex worker, the “shadow world”, collective healing, shutting down, from women to men, gender wars, making men bad, collective trauma, how to be a great lover, sex shame vs. sexual violence and reclaiming pleasure. A deep and important conversation for all men and women.

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