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Still Got It

The podcast that throws you down movie-memory lane.

Aug 25, 2016

At one point, each of us said, "How HOT is Jamie Lee Curtis?!" So. Anna Chlumsky & Macaulay Culkin WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. The magical Alex Iona is here to helps us pick up the pieces. Also, things get heated.

Aug 18, 2016

Celey & Nora! Together again at long last! We've got improviser and artsy-gallery-runner girl Alex Iona coming in next week to educate us about that childhood classic (and ruiner of feelings) My Girl. Also, Nora is too much of a pansy to get a pixie cut.

Aug 11, 2016

Get on up, it's bobsled time! Flushed with current Olympic fervor and childhood nostalgia, Celey & Nora are reunited, and joined by Vince Chang for a damn delight of a movie. It's far from perfect, but we love it mon!

Aug 4, 2016

Celey and Nora will soon be reunited! And everyone is excited for comedian Vince Chang to come on over and chat about Cool Runnings! Happy Olympics...don't drink the water.