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Still Got It

The podcast that throws you down movie-memory lane.

Feb 23, 2017

CHRISSY SHACKELFORD (follow her on twitter @ChrissySh) is back to talk about the ballet movie that isn't Black Swan: Center Stage. This one has SO much to unpack, from the truly horrifying mouse-elephant joke to the preposterous and fantastic final dance. Plus, IS Zoe Saldana or the "mean dancer's" storyline better...

Feb 16, 2017

Up next it's Center Stage! UCB comedian, phenomenal dancer, and top-notch lady Chrissy Shackelford is returning to talk all things dance, ballet, and young love.

Feb 9, 2017

DOGS AND CATS! We take a good amount of time comparing cry-worthy moments, the best things about our pets, and reminiscing how animal family movies USED to be. There's also plenty of complaining about how DUMB the human-centric storylines are. Actress/writer/hilarious badass Lagina Hill joins us for Homeward Bound!...

Feb 2, 2017

Pets and tears. That's what we're talking about for next week. How dumb IS Celey's dog-nephew? AND we are VERY excited for next week's guest, writer/actress and ANIMAL LOVER Lagina Hill!