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Still Got It

The podcast that throws you down movie-memory lane.

Jan 31, 2019

We wrestle with this one. We really do. All of us loved it as children and we...just...can' the words of guest co-host Bob Nasr: "We're gonna get a lotta hate." BUT there ARE moments of light and laughter. And then there are the moments that make us cringe deeply. Actor/creator Mehdi Barakchian joins us to...

Jan 24, 2019

A truly mind boggling and neon highlighter colored entry into the Batman cannon. Actor Erik Gullberg tries to help Celey & Nora unpack this bizarre "movie" that is so utterly and completely bananas.

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Jan 16, 2019

It's SO bizarre that an entire movie was based on this very cringey premise, but the consensus is: it could've been WAY creepier! Actresses & comedians Julianne Cross and Alexandria Iona join Celey to break down this very strange Katherine Heigl & Gerard Depardieu "romp."


Jan 10, 2019

This conversation gets DEEP and yet, the subject matter of Chasing Amy is SO thorny and dated and, on many levels, UPSETTING, that we couldn't possibly go deep enough. We try. Oh how we try. Writer Kate Emswiler helps Celey and Nora tackle the doozy that is this Kevin Smith Film.

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Jan 3, 2019

Is the science sound? Look, we're not METEOROLOGISTS. All we know is this movie is a helluva speedy fun time and Helen Hunt and Jami Gertz are 2 very different types of babes and we wanna get INTO it. Nora is live and in person and Sarah Pearl (of The Mummy fame) joins us for a quintessential 90's disaster flick.