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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Dec 6, 2023

Please welcome to our show Bob Gardner, author, “Built For Freedom: Adventures Through Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Trauma, Pain, and Our Body’s Innate Ability to Leave Them All Behind.” Bob has what appears to be a blueprint on how to get out of negative thinking, and reframe how we think of ourselves. And his approach works, incorporating specific
physical activity with mind-strengthening exercises. And in our interview, he shows us how. We will also speak with Bob on how to get through the holidays which can often be a trigger point for so many, but he’s got tips on how to manage all of that. And not a moment too soon!

Please find our full interview with Bob on all video and audio platforms of #DeborahKobyltLIVE, and invite your friends to join the conversation, too. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt, and thanks for joining us.