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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Feb 28, 2024

When Dr. Esther Zeledon came to the United States with her parents from Nicaragua
when she was a little girl, she aspired for the “American Dream,” or so she was told.
But she nearly died as a child, bills mounted up for her family, and she quickly realized
it wasn’t so easy on this side of the border to make ends meet.
Years later, she was educated, got the big house and all they comes with it, and she
realized, she was miserable. What happened to the American Dream she strived for?
Well, she soon realized it wasn’t money or privilege that was the dream, but rather
finding one self. So she set out on a journey to do just that, and writes about it in her
book, “Creating Your Limitless Life.” And she shows us how each of us can find our
hidden purpose, too.
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