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Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Feb 28, 2024

Entrepreneur Sigmar Berg was living the life, with a successful career and social life, only to wake up one day and decide he needed to change the direction he was headed and lead from the heart. So he made some big changes, and wrote about it in
his book, “One Journey, The Lovetuner Book.”

Sigmar starts by saying, “When I started this book, I was out on my ranch hugging a tree.” To be clear, this isn’t a woo-woo book, rather it’s a successful man’s journey into leading himself and others through the prism of love first. He talks about merging science with spirituality, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and living in the present moment. He also created a meditwtive device called the lovetuner, which lets out a soothing sound to help with relaxation and breathing. And we’ll talk about that.

Please join my interview with Sigmar on all video and audio platforms of #DeborahKobyltLIVE. I’m your host, #DeborahZaraKobylt, and I’m happy to have you join us, from the heart❤️