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Living A Life In Full

Jan 13, 2018

Do you want to better understand Augmented Reality in surgery and training, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics, DNA editing and CRISPR, precision medicine, big data and predictive analytics, bio-hacking, evidence-based medicine, and the value of incremental medicine? Then you’ll really enjoy this tour-de-force episode with Dr. Nick van Terheyden. Physician and citizen of the world.  Dr. van Terheyden is key thought leader in digital healthcare and innovation.

He’s a contributing author to numerous text books as well as columns and blogs, a popular keynote speaker—worldwide, including the Annual Health Information and Management Systems Society, The American Health Information Management Association, and perhaps most fun, SXSW.

He’s collaborated with Philips Healthcare, Mount Sinai Medical Center, KPMG, Healthcare International and Shell, and he was the Chief Medical Officer for Dell and is now CMO at BaseHealth. His work has taken him to venues in the Middle East, Australia, the UK, Malaysia and New Zealand. And on this world tour of a life and career he’s been accompanied with his wife and children. How does he do it? Well, just listen to this wide ranging conversation of all things digital and medical, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it as much as you will learn from it.

Nick lives a life in full with his family, his work, and his patients—and he does so world-wide. He is an amazing and inspirational fellow that I am honored to call friend.