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Living A Life In Full

Oct 31, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to work from anywhere in the world? Of course, you may imagen some exotic local, but what about your second bedroom? Well then Amy Scott is just who you want to learn from. She not only teaches others how to be “Location Independent,” but she lives the life/workstyle in a sustainable and transparent way.

Amy started her career as an editor at a travel publishing company in the San Francisco Bay Area before quitting to travel the world. She then founded “Nomad Editorial” to support herself financially while doing so—and next the “Nomadtopia Collective,” an online community to support others who are living or creating a location-independent lifestyle, and she hosts the podcast “Nomadtopia Radio.”

In this episode we go wide and far with all the tools, websites, books, bloggers and inspiration you need if you are interested in ways to travel in a sustainable and enjoyable way. I think this is by far the most question-and-answer episode to date.

We cover it all and then some in this information packed conversation. Amy is amazing, is living her life in full, and provides us with the tools we need to do as well while traveling the world.