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Living A Life In Full

Jan 1, 2021

It seems to have become a new tradition every January 1st to do an update to prior Epic Living, Living a Life in Full, and The List/Life Resume plans and consider to how to approach the upcoming year.

The idea is to share my N-of-1 trials, be a bit autobiographical in the use and results from this past year, and to share tools and approaches you may want to give a go yourself, depending on your personal goals and in living your life in full. Interested listeners can look at the companion LinkedIn Influencer post which acts as a complete transcript/show notes combo with clickable links to the original sources. I hope you enjoy it and find it of use.

Doing this is a little scary—to put oneself out there in a pretty transparent way. Being mindful that it is hard to give advice. We are all different and in a myriad of ways. There are a lot of intervening variables in our own lives. I don’t always keep doing the same things or in the same way as I age or circumstances change. If you try any of what follows, please do so as an experiment. Lab coat on and clipboard optional. Kick the tires, test drive, and keep in mind your mileage may vary. Please, please do your research of the links and determine what's good for you—test and retest—rinse-and-repeat. My job is to expose you to what I have experienced, perhaps save you some time and hassle by doing so, and provide you with sources so you can decide for yourself.