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The Embodiment Podcast

Host Mark Walsh and guest hosts offer a weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in Embodiment and the body. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodiment topics with expert guests from around the globe. Diverse speakers and practitioners of embodied areas such as academia, yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychology, medical, somatic, therapy, dance, and bodywork. The podcast is full of practical tips and experiential exercises.

Feb 26, 2019

Founder of Sounds True Tami Simon joins me to discuss somatic meditation, being part of the earth, relationships, the online body, activism vs acceptance, conscious business and spiritual consumerism. A fierce one.

Feb 23, 2019

This groundbreaking conversation with Geo-Philosopher David Abram and Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Glen Mazis from the Embodiment Conference 2018, moderated by Adrian Harris. They explore the relationship of our embodiment as human beings equipped with animal senses within a world beyond humanity. Please note...

Feb 19, 2019

Darren Deojee on Carlos Castenda, the gender crisis, gender confusion, trans and intersex people, postmodernism, gender fluidity, mental health, the Toltec view of gender, source energy vs behaviour, anger, polarity, what’s wrong with Sweden, boundaries, “charge”, the “gifts of the masculine”, ancestor power...

Feb 15, 2019

Here’s Ken Wilber from the Embodiment Conference 2018 making a presentation on Integral Bodies where he explains the base of his approach and how the body fits into that whole framework.

Please note this is the audio of a an audio-visual session with a live Zoom group so there may be reference to things shown and...

Feb 11, 2019

Architect, yogi and somatic educator Miriam joins the show to discuss the impact of somatic practices, her yoga training, yoga in daily life, the five sheaths “koshas”, Frank Lloyd Wright, the effect of spaces on us, how to design your house to benefit us on all levels, personality and physical space, somatic vs...