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The Embodiment Podcast

Host Mark Walsh and guest hosts offer a weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in Embodiment and the body. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodiment topics with expert guests from around the globe. Diverse speakers and practitioners of embodied areas such as academia, yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychology, medical, somatic, therapy, dance, and bodywork. The podcast is full of practical tips and experiential exercises.

Oct 29, 2020

Clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist Tamara joins me to discuss Brazil, Kung fu, brain scanning, accessibility, teaching mindfulness with stress, “Bruce Lee” mindfulness, why neuroscience is popular, “neuro-enchantment”, Tai Chi, default mode network, benefits of mindfulness, what embodiment...

Oct 24, 2020

Therapist and author Vincent joins me from Singapore to discuss dance, Laban, practise, Asian arts and learning, flow, culinary arts, spaciousness, timing, medical framework, learning, cultural enrichment, and noodles! A dense fun one.

Oct 20, 2020

Wheel of Consent Founder Betty joins me to discuss the body and spirituality, spooning, intimacy skills, intimacy, why we don’t ask for what we want, vulnerability, “negotiation”, who it’s for, the quadrants, the practise, and more. An important one.

Oct 17, 2020

Yoga and anatomy teacher Leslie joins me to discuss yoga philosophy, fitness, The Olympics, Bodywork, Desikachar, yoga clinics, Yoga Alliance, cancel culture, “self made soul”, Indian nationalism, agency and of course the conference! A pleasantly cantankerous one.

Oct 15, 2020

Author of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness David joins me to talk best practice, trauma symptoms, shame, self-regulation, windows of tolerance, trauma focus, polarisation, concept-creep, weaponised trauma, “conflict is not abuse”, social justice and more. Super important stuff, especially if you teach meditation.