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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 3, 2018

This Labor Day, we provide a refresher course on what it looks like to move toward a culture of equity in an organization. Daria Torres, founder and managing partner of the Walls Torres Group, guides us through the methodology and use of the Equity Maturity Model.



Daria’s Website:

Equity Maturity Model:

Giving Cycle Nonprofit:


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(4:24) Think of a growth chart

(6:00) A good grounding: inclusive culture, encompassing open mindset and courageous leadership

(7:45) Accessibility

(10:40) 12 Dimension, Six Meta-Categories

(11:35) Explicit commitment: shared language and evaluative discipline

(13:45) Who is the who? 

(16:20) Let the model inspire, not restrict 

(18:30) Equitable procurement: fair consideration and informed selection

(21:50) Stepping out of the consulting role for a minute to describe an organization in crisis

(23:30) Visible accountability: dedicated oversight and transparent orientation

(25:00) Dolph and Daria discuss Philly cheesesteak culture