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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

May 9, 2019

Flood waters of Biblical proportions have forced Dolph to go solo for a few podcast episodes! It’s all good, as Dolph kicks of a Mini Program Planning Series today. In part one, Dolph provides step-by-step check points of the crucial components involved in creating a successful program plan.


*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(3:19) Dolph’s cautionary tale about program design 

(8:37) Back to the drawing board

(10:52) 1st step: figure out what need your program is going to address.

(11:30) Identifying data sources to establish need

(15:03) 2nd step: define the program or service are you going to provide.

(16:22) You’ll need a program planning group, and here’s why.

(19:04) 3rd step: figure out the logistics – including the who, where, when, and everything in between.

(20:15) 3a: outreach

(21:10) 3b: put partnerships on paper

(21:59) 3c: staying on the right side of the law

(23:12) 3d: put together a documentation plan

(23:55) 3e: hammer out auxiliary services – what they are, who will provide them, and what those relationships will look like

(24:12) And yes, your logistics will overlap!

(25:00) Next week: Setting goals, tracking goals, finding initial and sustained funding, and identifying out-of-the-box ideas!