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Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Sep 25, 2018

Rachel Kottler, Digital Account Manager with Lautman Maska Neill & Company, shares key takeaways from her recent Bridge Conference presentation: Wait…30% of Your File is Signing Up for Recurring Donations?.



Rachel’s firm:

Her presentation Wait…30% of Your File is Signing Up for Recurring Donations?:

Salon for Digital Change-Makers:

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*****Timestamped Highlights*****

(2:10) You’ve Got Mail: HRC’s suprising subset of long-term donors

(2:59) Tuning into your demographics for locating retention potential

(3:58) Segment your ask

(4:48) The convenience ask, aka “Netflix style”

(6:20) 10, 20, 30

(7:50) Upgrade, within reason

(8:40) Two dollar Tuesday

(10:35) Online welcome series for new donors

(15:09) You got ‘em, now keep ‘em

(15:45) Recapture 50%

(16:37) EFT, not ESP

(19:55) Dolph and Rachel extol the virtues of the handwritten note

(21:58) Make a relationship, even if you have over 80k people in your book

(23:08) Triumphs in Human Rights: Donors’ stories behind their loyalty to HRC

(28:30) Criss cross applesauce: Rachel compares teaching first graders to promoting donor retention