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The Content Byte

Mar 6, 2022

Does everyone have a book in them? It's just one of the questions we put to editor and publisher Rebecca Kaiser from Allen and Unwin, who joins us on the podcast to talk about ... so much! Including:
+ How book publishing has changed in 30 years
+ Her biggest publishing successes, what 'success' in book publishing actually means
+ The books that have gone gangbusters and what it's like when you think a book will do well and it doesn't
+ Tips on finding an agent for your book
+ Do you need a public profile to get published via traditional channels?
+ How has the marketing and promotional requirements changed for authors in recent years and what are you expected to do to sell your book?
+ Can you make a living from non-fiction books in Australia?
+ Does Allen and Unwin use freelancers and if so, how can you get work in book publishing?
+ Tips for wannabe authors 
And much more!

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