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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 1, 2018

Let’s talk about money. How do you build relationships with people and capital? Raising capital is a lot like the game of chess. You want to build a strategic plan of what you want to do.

Today, my guest is Dick Naas, a real estate investor and fabulous singer, storyteller, and joke teller! Corey and Dick share how they met and built a relationship around investing in buying and flipping properties.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Corey and Dick are Rotary members, who focus on service above self and can be trusted
  • Shifting from buying and flipping to renting
  • Reporting that Dick receives from Corey is transparent, informative, and accurate
  • Benefits of a consistent paycheck
  • B and C properties offer consistency
  • Lionsgate deal: Dick goes from being an early investor to seller to a new deal
  • Not all deals are successful, but Corey operates by finding out what people expect and then giving them that and that much more
  • Managing assets, income, and money as you near retirement
  • Retire faster, sooner, and with more money by investing in a long-term relationship with multifamily real estate

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“Raising capital is a lot like chess. You want to be strategic...but more than that, raising capital is really about relationships.” Corey Peterson

“You don’t join clubs to go fnd money. You join because you really want to serve.” Corey Peterson

“It allows me to plan my finances better. Even if the economy takes a slide, the rent checks keep coming in.” Dick Naas

“In real estate, you don’t make the money on the sale, you make it on the purchase.” Dick Naas

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