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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

Have you always had an interest and pull toward real estate? Want to know how to parlay that into passive cash flow? Want to be financially free? Are you intrigued by legacy wealth? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, my guest is Ed Lemus, one of my students who has experienced success. During his real estate journey, Ed became interested in our multifamily content. He attended the Kahuna Boardroom and listened to this podcast. As a result, he has done some amazing things.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Kahuna Boardroom focuses on raising capital, finding deals, and operations
  • Finding capital isn’t easy for most people; how Ed raised more than half a million
  • Create and use a high-quality marketing packet to spark people’s interest
  • Never ask people for money, only ask them who they know; ask them to look at your information
  • Share your property pitch and overall strategy; ease their concerns by scheduling a conference call to answer all their questions
  • Follow-up on potential investors’ capex; set up expectations - deliver on exactly what and how you said was going to happen
  • Investors wait for a payment; if that happens, ask them for a referral
  • Become the supplier of deals and grower of money; cash flows from people who can't make it work or grow to people who can
  • Stock Market Roller Coaster Ride: Most people want something steady instead
  • Who’s an avatar? Be clear on who is a profile investor - not those looking for crazy returns, but those looking for consistent and solid returns
  • Share the message and tell your story; “By the way…”
  • Biggest Takeaway from Kahuna Boardroom: Find someone that you know and trust doing what you want to do; copy or partner with them

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“I stalked you for a little while on your podcast and just started to immerse myself in the whole multifamily space and learn a little bit more about it.” Ed Lemus

“Rule #1 is never ask people for money. Only ask them who they know. In other words, ask them to look at your information.” Corey Peterson

“I always say the right people will come into your deals, and the wrong ones will repel themselves.” Corey Peterson

“Here I come with my cape and everything to solve the problem for them. It's really become where it makes me feel great, where it's more of a service that I'm providing.” Ed Lemus

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