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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

Going from earning a seven-figure annual income in the music industry to making $7 an hour bagging groceries is not really a step up the career ladder. Before you end up filing for bankruptcy (and divorce), there’s a simple solution. Learn new skills, and listen to your boss!

Today, I’m talking to Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate. Matt teaches people how to make money in real estate - just like his manager at the grocery store suggested.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Real Estate is Final Frontier: Average people get equal chance to create wealth
  • Can I start my career over? How to live a better life and retire early
  • Passive Income Concept: Money in the bank vs. regularly replenishing money
  • Get out of the Rat Race: Passive income may not make you rich, but may provide you with financial freedom
  • Educate to Dominate: Teach what you know, and learn from mistakes
  • Need to raise funds? Grow your audience? Start a podcast
  • Stay in the ‘flow’ by modeling and copying your way to success
  • Epic Real Estate teaches everything - from how to flip to wholesale
  • Customer Satisfaction according to Corey: Tenants expect rents to go up every year, never disappoint them
  • Success Accelerators: Greater, smarter, better, and faster people than yourself, including mentors, coaches, and networking/mastermind groups

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Quotes by Matt Theriault:

“I'm probably sitting on the wrong side of the desk, if I really want to make all the money. So, I made the transition from real estate agent to real estate investor."

“If there's nothing to keep replenishing that money as you keep spending it, that can create issues.”

“I think with real estate, there's a lesson intertwined in every single transaction that you do.”

“Failure is a much better teacher than success.”

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