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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

Steven Libman started as a fix-and-flipper, and then added single-family and multifamily real estate to his portfolio. He was already focused on achieving results. 

After attending the Kahuna Boardroom, Steven hit the ground running. Now, I’m not saying my Boardroom is the be-all, end-all. But since then, Steven’s Integrity Holdings Group has closed $32 million in deals, plus $34 million under contract. Those are amazing results!

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Right Way to Raise Capital: At a lower cost than other syndicators
  • Majority of Money: 90% invested in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds; $4 trillion sits in 401(k) market
  • Identify and supply what your investors want and need
  • Secured Asset: Based on cash flow, deployment, and additional tax benefits
  • Integrity Properties: Return of capital via stability, consistency, and passivity
  • How to Scale: Copy blueprint to be bigger and do more wholesaling, flipping
  • Get Educated vs. Get Deals: Learn about underwriting, how to manage deals, and talk to property managers 
  • Mentor’s Advice: Money is not in the deal; money is in the money
  • Big Vision, Big Ideas, Big Dreams: Bring deals, find sponsors, perform as promised, and find more deals
  • At-risk Relationships: Deploy money into dependable sponsors with integrity, track record, and processes
  • Searching for Steven: Full-time deal maker with access to stock market alternative to raise capital
  • Only sell away what the broker has and recommends to sell; traditional brokerage firms only do liquid real estate that can be traded in open market
  • 401(k) Reform: Allows brokers to sell annuities for people to be paid annually; people can self-direct raw individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to their 401(k)
  • Know, Like, and Trust: Set expectations and overdeliver 
  • Why you do what you do: Not just about money, but changing/impacting others
  • Learn from Failures/Blind Spots: Be honest with yourself; grow stronger, not weaker; and partner with people to help fill gaps

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“When people tell you that you’re going to run out of money at that cost of capital...they don’t understand the returns that people are typically getting.” Steven Libman

“We’re about stability, consistency, passivity, and we’re all about return of capital first, return on capital second.” Steven Libman

“It only takes one deal to have a life changed.” Corey Peterson

“I could teach until the cows come home with what I know, but it takes someone else’s vision, too, to really drive that down the road.” Corey Peterson

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