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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jan 2, 2020

Real estate is a journey. In the first episode of the Multifamily Legacy Podcast, I shared my journey into the multifamily space. For the 100th episode, someone else’s rags-to-riches story is featured. 

Today’s guest is Will Harvey of CEO Capital Partners. He came from the lending world, got into a bit of trouble, but the lessons learned from substance abuse led to success.   

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Multifamily Game: Best journey that provides two things—time and money
  • Early Entrepreneur: Collect, clean, and sell public golf balls to private course
  • Double Dropout: Focus and make better choices by getting a real job and sober  
  • Support System: Family and friends help to get you back on your feet
  • Landlord Lows: How to manage tenants better and guarantee cash flow
  • Single-family vs. Multifamily: Battle scars from bad condo conversions or development that went south, but multifamily doesn’t miss a beat
  • Deal Goggles: Kill deals before they cost money but don’t go under contract
  • Will’s Superpower: Raising money/capital
  • Action Items: Continue to learn and recognize paralysis by analysis  
  • Want to quit your day job? Will and desire needed to improve your circumstance 
  • Best Advice: Don’t seek qualified advice from unqualified people and think bigger 

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“You don’t want to go up the ladder. You want to own the ladder.” Will Harvey 

“Lightbulb Moment: I need to buy as much real estate as I can cause this is awesome.” Will Harvey 

“The best advice that I would give is don’t seek qualified advice from unqualified people.” Will Harvey 

“It’s the best journey that I know that gives you the two things that most of us dream about, which is time and money.” Corey Peterson 

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