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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jan 7, 2020

Can you imagine never having a boss? It’s a dream come true for most us. Creating passive cash flow does take a lot of patience. Once you get there, it doesn't stop. Never ask people for money. Only ask, who do they know? 

Today’s guest is Josh Cantwell, a strategic real estate coach and Accelerated Investor podcast host. He talks about how to reap the benefits of raising money, deploying money, and owning assets. 

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Private Money Philosophy: Funding equals freedom
  • Why own long-term assets? Wealth, financial security, freedom, tax advantages
  • Bad News: Shaking, baking, making money until pancreatic cancer, no cash flow
  • Passion for Private Money: Started by buying investment properties
  • Pivot to what you know: Own assets so you don't need transactional to start over
  • Passive Cash Flow: Lend and pool people's money into private equity fund
  • Big Regret: Out of 700 residential deals, didn't keep them all 
  • Raising Money Tactics: 12-step process includes new and existing people to be potential investors and influencers—what about me?
  • Play the Game with Elevator Pitch: What do you like to do? How does that work?  

Links and Resources Mentioned:


“Funding equals freedom. It doesn't have to be your money. It doesn't have to be your funding. But funding from someone else equals freedom.” Josh Cantwell 

“Owning the asset long-term...provides true wealth, true financial security, true freedom, and major tax advantages.” Josh Cantwell 

“You’ve got to own the asset because you don't want to start over. You don't need transactional. I lived that mistake.” Josh Cantwell 

“What about me? Those are the magic words.” Josh Cantwell

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