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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 12, 2020

Everything’s fine, everything’s right—until something goes wrong. Are your assets well protected? Is everything set up and structured properly? The first line of defense is always insurance.

Today, I'm talking to Mauricio Rauld, a real estate syndication attorney. Two common themes due to the COVID-19 crisis are people wanting to put together opportunity funds to acquire new assets and then protect them.


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Asset Protection: Protecting you from your assets, and your assets from you
  • Real Estate Assets: Property owner is legally responsible for protecting others
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Property owner is no longer you, but an entity
  • Does it matter where LLC is registered? Local law applies, not LLC’s location
  • How do you protect your assets from you? Charging Order Protection
  • Digital Privacy: Don’t put a target on your back when it comes to assets
  • Separation is Key: S Corp, LLC, and SEC issues with fees
  • Lenders and Loans: No secure lending in foreseeable future; negotiate


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“What most people forget is they themselves are these huge liability producing entities—people.” Mauricio Rauld

“What happens if you get sued? Forget about the assets, but you get sued, and now somebody has a judgment against you and wants to go after your asset.” Mauricio Rauld

“The goal of asset protection is to build that barrier between you—the individual—and you—your asset.” Mauricio Rauld

“The key is to separate your liability producing activities—your operating companies—from your asset companies—your holding companies.” Mauricio Rauld


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