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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 19, 2020

After months of sitting at home with bad haircuts, relief is on the way from COVID-19. Places are slowly starting to come back to life. There couldn't be a better time to get in the multifamily real estate industry.

Today, I'm talking to Michael Becker, principal at Strategic Property Investment (SPI) Advisory LLC. He derives stakeholder value through multifamily-focused hands-on asset management and construction oversight.


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Portfolio Perspective: Normal month with not much difference equals success
  • Bad State of Legislation? Rent controls, eviction restrictions, and blocking loans
  • Pay, Vacate, or Provide Proof: How to handle hardship cases
  • Foreseeable Future: Money to adjust system means asset price inflation, low interest rates
  • Income Inequality: Everyone is worried, and rightfully so
  • A- and B-Class Housing: Will workforce and college students return?
  • Operational Changes: Focus first on life, safety, security, and collecting rent
  • Liabilities and Loans: Understand the risks and reset debt expectations
  • Maintain Relevance and Stay in Motion: Plenty of people are ready to buy


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“If you're in California, New York, or some of the more landlord-unfriendly environments, it could be a little bit worse.” Michael Becker

“We're in the permanently low interest rates environment, at least for many years, with a ton of money going in the system. I don't see any way that the asset prices remain.” Michael Becker

“The current prescription to medicine, and the pain that we're in economically, can do nothing to solve income inequality.” Michael Becker

“We're not driving anywhere. Let's surf on the net. That's where SEO, having good Websites, having virtual tours, that means everything, right now.” Corey Peterson


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