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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

In this episode, Jason Fort talks about how Asset Living's work culture has helped the growth of the company and the importance of being passionate about what you do. Join us today to learn the type of people you need in your company and how to retain your best employees.


Topics on Today’s Episode

  • How to develop an efficient work culture
  • The key to identifying the right career for you
  • Why you shouldn't look for money-driven people
  • What it takes to have a successful career in real estate
  • The importance of sharing your knowledge with your employees


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About Jason Fort

Jason Fort is Executive Vice President at Asset Living. He is responsible for leading the Asset Living business development department. In his 17-year Asset Living career, he has been responsible for supervising multiple portfolios of student housing and multi-family properties nationwide and also overseeing our new development lease-up team, along with the training department. Jason’s 28 years of experience in student housing and multi-family provides a wealth of knowledge and in-depth, hands-on experience with full-service dormitories and high and mid-rise mixed-use properties, including new developments.


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  • ‘’The people component is the hardest part of any organization. ’’ - Corey Peterson
  • ‘’With our systems, training, and policies, we give any person that works for us an opportunity to succeed. ’’ - Jason Fort


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