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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

There is no overnight success in the real estate industry. It all boils down to how hard you work, how dedicated you are, and the passion that drives you to move forward. In this episode, Sean Thomson shares the highlights of the journey on closing the very first big deal and all the challenges that come with it.


Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Hard work and persistence in creating the deal machine
  • Developing the brand strength with one common mission
  • Confronting your fears to guide you towards success
  • The importance of building relationships and networking to get financed
  • Actual details about what went wrong and right in finding the big deal


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About Sean Thomson

Over the last decade, Sean has been perfecting his processes of scouting, acquiring, and investing in real estate. He loves to find and encourage fellow investors, so he founded Thomson Multi-Family Group to allow interested, accredited, and sophisticated investors to partake in the investment opportunities that he develops throughout the country. Sean’s investing success and skills help him in supporting his family, community, and investors through proven real estate investing strategies. Thomson Multi-Family Group is a family business that is dedicated to building wealth for investors so that they can support their families, provide opportunities to their community, and achieve their version of their Next Level American Dream


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  • “ Having strong partners, having the capital ready to go, having a team around you that is substantial and connected and does a good job. That’s very critical in winning deals. ” - Sean Thomson
  • “ Closing is only part of the sequence and then running them is the real journey that makes you the money. ”  - Corey Peterson


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