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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Mar 1, 2022

You will undoubtedly succeed if you are willing to pivot from another path. Jeff McKee is here with us to share his inspiring story of the transition from single-family to multifamily syndication and what you should do to excel in this type of real estate asset.



Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Multifamily deals from the Limited Partners’ side
  • The power of partnerships
  • How to communicate in different syndications?
  • Benefits of using SyndicationPro
  • The incredible things to look out for in multifamily syndication



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About Jeff McKee

Jeff McKee is a General and Limited Partner on 15 Class B and C multi-family apartment communities, 4000+ apartment units/doors with $200M+ Assets Under Management (AUM) across 10 cities/MSAs and 7 states in the South and Southeast of the United States. Out of these 15 syndications, he is a General Partner in 10 of these assets, 2,500+ apartment units, and Key Principal/Guarantor on 4 assets, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac non-recourse debt, in less than 18 months with support from mentors, partnering, and networking. Jeff is qualified as an accredited and sophisticated investor.

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  • “We have more money than time other people may have more time than money.” Jeff McKee
  • “As long as everybody is communicating correctly on what their job is and responsibilities are.” Corey Peterson
  • “That’s the gift that keeps giving.” Corey Peterson


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