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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

After working in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years, Christy Keeton's powerful and inspiring transition to multifamily investing has been a rewarding experience. Tune in as she discusses her journey and backstory in real estate and how she has benefited from learning, focusing, and being determined to pursue building her life in real estate.

Topics on Today’s Episode

  • Why invest in yourself
  • The significance of being focused and determined in your goals.
  • Tips for newbies: When and how to use Loopnet the right way
  • Off-Market Transactions: Risks and Opportunities
  • The benefits of an extensive relationship with investors in raising capital and finding deals



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About Christy Keeton

As an Engineering Technician in the oil industry, Christy’s expertise was to analyze multi-million dollar acquisitions and build annual budgets. She opened Keeton Realty Investments in 2012 to flip houses. In 2019, focus transferred from single-family to multi-family. In 2021, she sourced and closed over $35 million in Multifamily space. She chose real estate for freedom, to rescue children from trafficking, teach single parents to be financially free, and build a legacy

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  • “There is such a release that happens when you work and you get to the place of peace.” - Christy Keeton
  • 33:36 “ Stay focused on your legacy, stay focused on your future, and don’t give up. ” - Christy Keeton
  • 33:48 “If you don’t give up you will see the price.” - Christy
  • 34:05 “Success doesn’t happen by chance. People go out and take it.” -Corey

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