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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

May 3, 2022

As an investor, you've most likely disregarded the idea of working with a mortgage broker. Today's episode talks with Aaron Moll about the benefits of having brokers on your team and why transactions go more smoothly with them. Stay tuned to find out more about how to hire great team members and how to put together your dream team for business success.


Topics on Today’s Episode 

  • The impact of inflation on real estate market trends in 2022
  • Why is student housing a wise investment?
  • Debunking broker myths and why having one is practical
  • The value of trust and teamwork in closing deals
  • What drives lenders to switch from floating to fixed interest rates?


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About Aaron Moll

Aaron is a mortgage banker in the Detroit office specializing in mortgage origination throughout the United States. Aaron has experience in commercial real estate finance for over ten years, and he has closed over $1 billion in transactions during that time. Throughout his career, he has worked with numerous investors, from private family offices to larger institutional firms. Aaron has a thorough understanding of life company loan programs and relationships as a former Berkadia life company correspondent. He has closed deals through all major asset classes in the United States, focusing on student housing. He works for Berkadia's Student Housing Team as a product specialist in the mortgage banking platform.


Connect with Aaron

  • Website: Berkadia
  • Phone number: (231) 360-1840



  • “When an owner gets involved in any transaction, it’s usually not as good, as if someone else was doing it.” - Corey Peterson
  • “Every lender is different, but I honestly feel you're going to have a better result with someone advocating on your behalf.” - Aaron Moll
  • “If you surround yourself with great people, great things happen.” - Corey Peterson


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