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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

Accelerate your ability to raise capital in this episode with Dan Handford as he shares his expert tips on attracting potential investors and business partners. Press play to access essential information that’ll improve your capital-raising superpower and take your business to the next level today!



Topics on Today’s Episode 

  • Pros and cons of institutional investing
  • The process of capital raising using the “investor triad”
  • Strategies to help you raise higher capital for deals
  • Advantages of getting referrals
  • Significance of teaching your children about financial literacy



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About Dan Handford 

Dan is the founder of Multifamily Investor Nation and co-host of the Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs podcast. From starting his own web development company to patenting a product to becoming a doctor and opening a chain of orthopedic clinics, Dan has an extensive successful background in starting multiple seven-figure businesses from scratch. His family of companies has annual budgets of over $10 million.



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