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Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

Start the year right with one of the top thought leaders in the space, Kathy Fettke, as we kickstart this 3-part series about the real estate housing market. In today’s episode, you’ll learn the basics of RE investing, plus ways to locate and close good deals, so stay tuned!



Topics on Today’s Episode 

  • The inspiration and motivation behind the establishment of Real Wealth Network
  • How and why you need to start investing in conservative deals as a rookie investor
  • An expert’s analysis and advice for the pre and post-pandemic real estate market
  • Methods to locate lucrative real estate investment opportunities
  • Success-driven suggestions and predictions for real estate investors in 2023
  • Actionable tips to prepare for a possible economic downturn



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About Kathy Fettke

Kathy is the CEO and co-founder of Real Wealth Network. Kathy and her husband, Rich, started their journey when they began having financial challenges, and she stepped out on faith to find the extra income they needed so they could keep their home. She specializes in teaching people how to build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios through creative finance and planning. She is passionate about researching and sharing the most important information about real estate, market cycles, and the economy. Author of the #1 best-seller, Retire Rich with Rentals, she is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, and CBS MarketWatch.



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