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RUF Alabama Podcast

Apr 24, 2024

This week we hear from our wonderful seniors as they share their testimonies, and the role that RUF has played in their lives. The seniors who talked are:

  • Kayleigh Bicknell
  • Maxwell Scharnowski
  • Mary Claire Sides
  • Alexis Rollins
  • Phillip Varnedoe
  • Maria Evola
  • Emma Richardson
  • AK Kuhn
  • Sam Cowart
  • Max Brown
  • Jahee Kim
  • Milo Sulipeck
  • Annie Becker
  • Adam Thorsland
  • Ginny Gray
  • William Lott
  • Cole Herrington
  • Elle Shuford

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

To all the RUF seniors we love you and are so excited to see where the Lord takes you. Thank you for the love you have shown so many in RUF and across campus. 

"Even in our goodbyes there is a blessing, for the sorrow of parting is a measure of the depth of the bond we have come to share in Christ...

O Spirit of God, be as present in our parting as you were in our gathering. Be present in our journeys. Be present in our days to come. Be present in our works and in our hearts. Be present in the bonds of our community, Lord Christ. Be ever at work among us and through us. 


"A Liturgy for Leavings" Every Moment Holy Volume 1 - Douglas McKelvey