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Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol

Jun 27, 2023

LUST. What a disturbing word for many. Is living without lust possible? What is lust, and is it possible to have healthy sexual desire apart from lust?

Dr. Carol's guest on this episode believe the answers to those questions is YES. Jay Haug is the executive director of Living Without Lust, an organization helping men who struggle with lust and supporting the Christian leaders who serve them. He shares his own story of sex addiction and the long journey to finding freedom, and what the most important keys to freedom are for anyone experiencing the control of lust.

Connect with Jay Haug's organization Living Without Lust for real support and practical resources
Find Jay Haug's book The Rest of God: Finding Freedom from Lust in the Internet Age
Check out the ministries Jay mentioned that offer intensives to help someone with sex addiction begin the journey to recovery: Be BrokenBoulder Recovery, and Bethesda Workshops.

Check out these resources from Dr. Carol Ministries:
- free download A 5-Part Prescription for Sexual Healing - God's Way
- online course Sexpectations

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