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Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol

Dec 18, 2018

Christmas is just a few days away. But, beyond the confections, holiday parties and festivities the birth of baby remains central.

In today's episode, Dr. Carol looks at the birth of the most recognized baby in the world from the perspective of an OB-GYN and why this delivery during a time of division, civil unrest...

Dec 17, 2018

Delight in the heartwarming story of God's gift to mankind in this special episode of Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol.

Dec 11, 2018

Do you dread Christmas and the holiday season? Discover how to overcome the holiday blues and find healing and wholeness in this timely episode. 

Dec 4, 2018

Is there some desire in your heart to make a lasting difference for the kingdom of God? On this episode Dr Carol talks with Lauren Derstine, who with her family have ministered in India for over three decades, even under persecution. Hear what it takes to last. 

Resources from this episode: 

Find out more about Laurel...

Nov 27, 2018

Raising Godly children in a secular environment has never been this difficult. Lori Champion, co-pastor of Celebration Church in Austin, Texas joins Dr. Carol to discuss her personal journey of raising children devoted to God and provides the keys to ensuring that you can experience the same results in your life.