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An Interview with Melissa Llarena

May 4, 2021

Collectively, moms have confronted a lot of uncertain moments historically. Some of us have gone to give birth with a plan and had to make adjustments. Others thought they were going to adopt a particular child and then the legal system changed her plans. Yet, 2021 felt a little different. It was the year that according to one Reuters article about 2 million moms were pushed out of the workforce.  The article that I am referencing is this one entitled: Pushed out by pandemic, women struggle to regain footing in U.S. job market, by Jonnelle Marte and Aleksandra Michalska. In this article, you can witness how two moms who were featured are thinking through their career options, childcare constraints, and whether they will return to the workplace anytime soon. Despite this episode being a dedication to those 2 million moms who were impacted by the pandemic, this episode is an important one to bookmark whether you are a mom or not. Here’s why:

You too will feel the impact from such a void in the workplace. You have to admit there is something unique about a mother’s touch: be it her care, conviction, or deep-seated loyalty. If it’s easier for you to get what I am referring to. Do this: Think about whatever you may have felt from a maternal figure in your life. It’s that tenderness, warmth, or concern.  That is exactly what will be missing in the products and services that will no longer have the benefit of being ideated, sold, or enhanced by a mom. Realize that moms are the ones who not only care about the here-and-now but moms are all also already tied-into and invested in what will bear fruit tomorrow. All moms want the best for their children. What will ultimately be missing or what is at stake are the “best” innovations and solutions to problems that must be solved. The best answers to meaningful questions will be at stake. Answers provided with the best intentions. Offerings making good on the promise to deliver the best experiences. Seems like a void worth filling? Don’t you think? Tune in. This conversation is worth your time. Too few moms will share what’s on their mind and fewer will reach out to you for help. Listen to this episode so that you can be a better friend or advocate during any mom’s career journey. And if you are a mom then welcome fellow warrior. There’s a lot to cover here.

Share this episode with three moms who left their workplaces (voluntarily or not) yet wish to return because they know they have yet to unleash their greatest potential. What’s that saying? A mom’s job is never done? Yep, that mom who has more to accomplish in her career. She needs to hear this episode.


  • Invitation: Join me on a 60-minute complimentary breakthrough session if you’d like guidance around these themes. This week my calendar is reserved for moms in marketing.
  • Focus: How to courageously make a bold career transition with the help the strangers
  • Fear: Why hesitation happens especially for nurturers who tend to look out for others.
  • Story: What if only you knew something important? Would you withhold the information?
  • Action: How to make sure you will boldly ask for help despite fears of rejection.
  • Self-Esteem: How to rediscover and believe in your worth if you've ever felt undervalued in any job market
  • Resentment: What if you undervalue yourself because of a resume gap?
  • Being Low-balled: Whose fault is it?
  • Credit: What if you pursue a junior role?
  • Assumptions: How can hiring managers stop themselves from making assumptions about moms?
  • Courage: What other podcast guests can you listen to who are moms?
  • Curiosity: How to ask better questions that you’ll want to use to make better career decisions?
  • Questions: What to ask to ascertain whether you will be happier in a new employer.
  • Unexpected: Will exceptions be made for the right moms?
  • Ask Now Or Regret Later: Keep probing the right people.
  • Commercial Self-Confidence: Undervalue yourself and expect to be undervalued.
  • Ask For Help: Sign-up for a complimentary breakthrough session with me. Be ready for your next best career move. It starts today.


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