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Mar 17, 2020

Meet Luis-Miguel Caraballo. Prior to our interview, he had been going by the name “Louie Blaka.” Yet, from this moment forward, he wants the world to know him for who he is: an artist with Puerto Rican roots who is here to inspire and provide a roadmap for future full-time artists. You can see his epic art around the world including street art murals throughout cities in New Jersey, Miami, Brazil, and Croatia. Deeply influenced by his city roots in Elizabeth, NJ, and inspired by a personal friend he lost early in life - his artwork makes mention of the phrase “wake up and smell the roses.” A former teacher who at the peak of his career decided to create art as a full-time artist, Luis Miguel is currently on his journey towards making art history. His work has been featured in various galleries, exhibitions and publications including the New York Times Best Seller Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. Listeners and the world, for the first time publicly under his real name here is Luis-Miguel Caraballo.

Listen to Luis-Miguel’s thoughts on:

  • Why the artist formerly known as “Louie Blaka” wanted to conduct this interview using his actual government name for the very first time ever!
  • His inspiration behind his art including his new fascination with Post-It notes as vehicles of communication and how he manages his plethora of ideas overall.
  • How he has embraced his intuition to paint huge murals on building walls in North America, South America, and Europe. 
  • How he is debunking the myth of “a starving artist” by having elected to educate himself on business matters so he could retain ownership over his livelihood.
  • How he landed the opportunity to be featured in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crushing It! and how he could have missed this opportunity if he had listened to his inner doubts.
  • How his Latino family thought about his decision to become a full-time artist despite his reality of student debt and their questions around whether he could have a lucrative art career.
  • His future goals to make art history and how he wants to serve as an example to any young person who wants to see themselves ten or more years ahead as a successful artist.

Stay tuned for how Luis-Miguel would tackle this important societal question pertaining to underrepresented minorities living in inner cities. I asked Jacques Slade in Episode 1 a similar question because he too was once a teacher. 

What do you specifically think it will take to lift kids in the inner city boys in particular to wake up and smell the roses when it comes to the sanctity and precious opportunity that is being alive?


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