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Libby's Luncheonette

Mar 29, 2021

National Nutrition Month is a like a book that you WANT in your kitchen with your favorite cookbooks, dogeared for personal health, open on your coffee table and wrapped to give to everyone you care about.

What to publish a book? Ask Roberta Schwartz Wennick.

Roberta Duyff author of The Academy of Nutrition and...

Mar 21, 2021

Ohio State University Romanian Club helps us discover the heritage, culture and traditions that personalize my National Nutrition Month plate through the festivals, family and food!


Mar 16, 2021

Experience Ireland on a motorcycle tour. Paul Rawlins Managing Director of Celtic Rider will show you the sites, showcase the history and take you into the welcoming towns and pubs. Want a taste of Ireland on your St. Patrick’s Day table?  Deb from MacDougall's Victory Cakes has you covered for dessert, and everything...

Mar 8, 2021

Personalizing our plate means including our favorite foods and family traditions. For National Nutrition Month I’m trying foods from other cultures and experiencing their traditions. From Ghana, Sierra Leone and the West African Coast, share the passion that nourishes through flavor. Guests: Deborah Kamara of

Mar 7, 2021

What do you want to know about canned food? Don't miss next Monday at Libby's Luncheonette when guests Andy  Hirneisen from the Penn State Extension, Chef John Serock of John Serock Catering and Ginny Hair of the Canned Food Alliance will answer all your questions.

  • Are canned foods as healthy as fresh?
  • How long are...