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Libby's Luncheonette

Feb 12, 2022

Super Bowl commercials predictions: plant-based eating is here to stay.  Chef John Serock of John Serock Catering and Chef Scott Anderson Explor how to amp up the plants in your traditional spread.  And Dr. Christine Karpinski shares the nutritional score for elite athletes who want to eat plant-based. 

Feb 4, 2022

Can the efforts of one, some or a community to not use single-use plastic add up to healthful change?  Will Williams, Sustainable Dierector shares how West Chester Borough said no more single-use plastic, Scott Anderson past Executive Chef fo Shephard University shares challenges, successes and future insights...

Feb 1, 2022

Explore the plastic trail in our oceans with Dr. Todd Osborne, of Florida University's Whitney Laboratories, Dr. Paul Pereira puts microbes to work sustainably breaking down plastic, Conrad MacKerron, author of As You Sow, gets inside plastic food packaging and Plastic Bank's David Katz is turning plastic into cash and...