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Libby's Luncheonette

Feb 28, 2024

Your heart gives your 100,000 reasons to celebrate American Heart Month one beat at a time.  What we eat and how we stay active has a BIG role in taking care of this incredible organ! 

This time of year, people as asking, "How can I eat heart healthy during American Heart Month and all year?"

With prices on the rise and time always a premium, what better way to cook heart healthy than to have heart healthy staples on hand.  

Celebrate National Canned Food Month with me and my friends at Canned Food Alliance who made this showpossible. You DO NOT want to miss expert how-to’s for stocking your heart healthy pantry! 

Mejeir supermarket registered dietitians Jodie Vandermeer and Beth Eggleston translate heart healthy recommendations into meals and snacks that fit your lifestyle.  Pick your must-have basics for a heart healthy pantry and take a deep dive into the health benefits of three  cooking faves with Kelsey Torr- Kettle & Fire bone broths,  Ilaria Bonucchi- Pomi Tomatoes, and Lilly Campbell- Jack’s Quality Beans.  And discover how cookbook author, recipe developer and registered dietitian Jackie Newgent makes terrific recipes using 5-ingredients or less.

Originally aired on Libby’s Luncheonette 95.3 FM WCHE radio.