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Libby's Luncheonette

Mar 7, 2024

March is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ NNM  and this year’s theme is Beyond the Table.

From table talks, to who’s at the table, what’s on the table…here at Libby’s Luncheonette we will be focusing on Sustainability.  What is it? How is  it shaping our local and global future? and What are easy actions that you can do—now.

Food affects us all and is our future.

You won’t want to miss exploring sustainability along our farm to plate thread.   From a working definition to new perspectives, I'll talk with Dr. Bradly Flann, Director of the Office of Sustainability at West Chester University and field reporter and Intern from Thomas Jefferson University Hiral Salla. My guests share what you need to know about sustainability, simple everyday sustainable solutions and fresh perspectives on issues that weigh heavy on  our local and global food system, health and well-being.