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INRHYTHM with Colton Gee

The Desert Tiger Podcast highlights passionate people chasing their dreams, like musicians, athletes, artists, authors, and comedians. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these driven individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!
The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, wrestling referee, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!

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Nov 29, 2021

Alternative Soul artist JP Sunga joins the DTP to take us behind his powerful new single “Dirty Water”!


‘Dirty Water’ is about self-renewal; allowing oneself the courage to accept, and the strength to heal and progress from the hurt, burdens, and regrets of their past.


Not only do we chat about this amazing...

Nov 28, 2021

Yound D & Yung Trybez, the Snotty Nose Rez Kids, join the DTP to take us behind their new album “Life After”!


“Life After”  is centred around the concept of what comes next – life after living through a pandemic, life after depression, life after loss, etc – and deals with themes of substance use,...

Nov 24, 2021

Elyse Saunders joins the DTP to take us behind her dynamic new EP "Free"! 


“Free” uses a modern country production canvas to integrate a seamless and dynamic blend of propulsive power pop elements, R&B influences, traditional classic country licks, and heartfelt storytelling across six songs.


Not only do we chat...

Nov 22, 2021

Austin Cole of emerging rock act Ninety Foot Stone joins the DTP to take us behind the hard hitting debut single "Out Of My Head"! Not only do we chat this amazing new track, but we also discuss what it was like to work with and talented group of musicians that include members of Our Lady Peace, Bleeker, & The Trews,...

Nov 19, 2021

Pop prodigy Kaiya Gamble joins the show to take us behind her amazing sophomore single "I'm In It"! 


Not only do we chat this new track, but we also chat about some of the lessons Kaiya has already learned through releasing music, as well as an upcoming streaming concert on Saturday, November 20th 2021, entitled...