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INRHYTHM with Colton Gee

The Desert Tiger Podcast highlights passionate people chasing their dreams, like musicians, athletes, artists, authors, and comedians. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these driven individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!
The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, wrestling referee, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!

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Jan 28, 2022

Amber Nielsen, of band Sweet Alibi joins the DTP to take us behind the bands new album 'Make A Scene'!   

This is the band’s fourth studio album and is filled with hooky guitar lines, layered beats, and the soulful three-part harmonies and folk-roots-pop style!


We also discuss crafting the music video for recent...

Jan 26, 2022

Indie rocker Tennyson King returns to the DTP to chat about his new album 'Good Company'!   

Good Company is based on Tennyson’s experiences with group and solo travel, exploration, nature, the ocean, backpacking, culture, hostel stay-overs, relationships, connections with people, and taking the time to enjoy life and...

Jan 24, 2022

Indie Rock artist Johnny Payne joins the DTP to take us behind his new album 'King of Cups'! 


Formerly a founding member of The Shilohs, Johnny has been laying low the past couple of years but he has always been a performer, and this new album is all Johnny Payne. He wrote it, arranged it, produced it and played...

Jan 21, 2022

Vancouver, BC & London, UK based singer songwriter Mauvey joins the DTP to take us behind his new mixtape ”The Florist”!


“The Florist” is a 10 track journey sharing a message of love through creative narratives of intentional songwriting, intelligent melody and hypnotic production.


The release also marks...

Jan 19, 2022

Platinum pop artist Alicia Moffet takes us behind her brand new single "Lullaby"! 


“Lullaby” is a sassy track that infuses electro-pop with rich and complex sounds of RnB and soul, while exuding Alicia’s disarming charm.


Not only do we chat about this new single, but also about the Billie Ave collection she...