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INRHYTHM with Colton Gee

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Oct 3, 2019

Growing up, being raised, and living in any form of isolation can happen for various reasons, and depending on your environment, normal can be a very different experience from what you perceive or what we see in popular culture. Most of us grew up surrounded by music, but imagine it is only of a specific variety, hymns and choirs thrive in your neighbourhood, but at the same time the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley himself, somehow has not broken through as a household name in this community.

This was a reality for Danny Blueberry, who wouldn't find the cry of an electric guitar until one fateful day in 1977, when the classic riff of Walk This Way by the legendary Aerosmith just happened to just be playing on the radio, and this would change Danny's life forever.

Now with rock and roll driving his passion for music, Danny couldn't get enough, writing and playing as much as possible while being a lonely rebel in a very strict religious community. He knew he wanted to pursue this dream, but was afraid of the cost and possibly losing the community he was raised in. He recorded a dozen of the songs he had written in the early 90’s, but outside of a very small run a cassettes, he wasn't sure how to manoeuvre the Beast known as the music industry.

After a few life changing events that would end up leading to the launch of Blueberry Guitars, Danny Blueberry founded he wanted to take these songs to stage, and much to his surprise, after years of not playing these songs, his a home city of Montreal embraced his sound so much so that the songwriter has even added a few is sold out shows to his resume.

Now Danny is ready to share these tracks, written in his years of isolation as a rebel striving to learn more about the modern world around him, with the world he now finds himself surrounded by.  Danny's debut album ‘Isolation’ features these twelve tracks, plus four other songs that capture the growth that this blueberry has gone through in the 25 plus years since originally recording the other dozen songs that go on this album. 

Danny Blueberry joins the DTP to talk his upbringing in the strict Orthodox Jewish community of Montreal Canada, what it was like to find rock and roll, how he listened to music while he was going to community schools, the writing of the album ‘Isolation’, and what it finally feels like to release the songs to the world!