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St. Augustine's Chapel at Vanderbilt

Oct 30, 2018

Don’t be afraid to throw off your cloak; with brave conviction all of us can follow the way of love and like Bartimaeus, we do not have to be stuck in the identities that people give us. Live into a space where you dream to be a Bartimaeus. If you get a chance to follow love, take it. Sermon begins at 16:05....

Oct 23, 2018

Setting Our Sights: Looking for the One Who is Looking for Us. This week, the Belmont Chamber Singers offer several musical selections. Sermon begins at 16:05.


Oct 15, 2018

Moses' hit song from Psalm 90 shows that focused awareness of our true home, our true heart, and our true work is the way to wisdom. Sermon beings at 13:30.

Oct 8, 2018

Abandon what doesn't allow you to love one another. Sermon begins at 10:55.

Oct 1, 2018

Along the way to Jerusalem, Jesus offers three simple insights on how to live well. Sermon begins at 8:23.