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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Jul 31, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with Occupational Therapist and Author Sarah Appleman who speaks to Teaching Your Toddler about what being an OT means, what a "Picky Eater" really is, how kids manifest sensory issues around food and what to do about that and her great book Play With Your Food.

Sarah talks about what being an OT for kids is like, the inspiration of her son and his sensory challenges on her career path and give fantastic tips and ideas for parents of “picky eaters” who may have much more going on in their brains.

Starting early with positive experiences and then getting kids involved in the cooking and serving process can actually help them move out of their discomfort with food.

Her books is called Play With Your Food and yes, it SI ok to play with your food if it helps a child have less anxiety around eating and helps calm parents who might be holding on a bit too tightly. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Tick Tock! Her website has lots of great, FREE information too.

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