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The Teaching Your Toddler Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

Welcome to the Teaching Your Toddler interview with The Money Couple Taylor and Megan Kovar who talk to us about how to start the conversation with your spouse about money and how to start teaching your children about the value of money.    

Taylor and Megan help counsel couples on their financial personalities and offer SO many resources, available on their website You can also join their Facebook group, once you take their Financial Personality quiz (PS – I’m a “Saver/Risk Taker” which means I’m conflicted – and that doesn’t even take into account my spouse’s personalities! Zoinks!)

One of the hardest parts of marriage or long-term partnership is talking about finances, let alone actually working together to manage them. It’s estimated, according to the Money Couple’s website, that up to 70% of divorces are caused by money trouble. So how do you even start that conversation?

Also, what about your kids? How can you start teaching them about money, what it means, what the value is, what the connection is between effort and reward?

Listen to this episode and find out exactly how to start those tough but super important conversations. The Money Couple have three kids of their own and share some of the helpful ways they are teaching their own kids about money and about how you can too.

Their mission is to help prevent money-related divorces by helping couple communicate and understand their decision-making as it relates to money. Check this out – it could save your marriage!

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