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How C*m

May 25, 2020

Trigger Warning: physical /sexual abuse, slavery, and child torture.
We begin with idiotic banter and spontaneous beat-boxing from Remy and Ben as they chat about how Rick and Morty continues to inspire this podcast, Remy's new obsession with Madison Beer, and a deep dive into the Call Her Daddy scandal, ultimately both questioning: could this all be a hoax a la LonelyGirl15??
Then we jump back in time to September when Remy and Charlotte had the extreme honor of interviewing Katie Ford at Nanny's. Katie (former CEO and Chairman of Ford Models) tells us about how she sold Ford in 2007 to work as founder and CEO of the non-profit Freedom for All, which focuses on fighting sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced labor and child labor. We discuss how Freedom for All and their partner organizations have been able to save over 10,000 people but also discuss the tragic number of people who still need help being freed from various forms of suffering. Finally we discuss what growing up with models all around her house was like (Katie's parents started Ford Models in 1946) and what giving up the business meant to her. 
If you or someone you know is in trouble (sex trafficking/modern slavery/ etc.) contact: The Polaris Project 888-373-7888


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