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How C*m

May 13, 2018

God f*cking damnit this episode is so funny. Comedians/ my friends Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin from the Hot Mess Comedy Hour podcast stop by to talk HYGIENE and **spoiler alert**-- two of us are VERY gross. And one of us I might say, is TOO clean. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing CEO Melanie Cristol via telephone (we're so high tech!!) about her company Lorals-- which make revolutionary latex panties, ideal for giving/receiving oral sex!! Their Indiegogo campaign came and went quicky (heh heh) but you can still order Lorals on their website. 

((Obv we talk about cumming, and some insanely hilarious stories involving poop and strap-ons. ))

CW: Heteronormative language, "STDs" instead of STIs, SA

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