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How C*m

Aug 21, 2021

New York Times bestselling author of ‘Rich Bitch’ and ‘Boss Bitch’ Nicole Lapin joins us to talk about taking control of your finances. We discuss the taboo around money conversation and how to alleviate some of the secrecy by talking about your situation first. Coming from an immigrant family with money struggles, Nicole tells us about her journey towards being financially literate including experiences with entitled “hedge-fund bros.” We discuss her new podcast ‘Money Rehab’ and Nicole gives us an overview of how to take back control of your money, tips for budgeting and the importance of goal setting. Finally, we discuss the struggle of being a strong financially independent woman today, the deep-rooted sexism within some companies, and how to get the raise you deserve.

Thank you to our Cumpanion Skyler for sharing her story of living undiagnosed with vaginismus and her squirting journey! 


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