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How C*m

Sep 21, 2021

This week we are talking anal penetration and "Peg The Patriarchy," a slogan coined by sex educator Luna Mattatas but made uber viral by Cara DeLevigne last week, wearing the stolen phrase in a Dior outfit on the red carpet of the Met Gala. 

We talk to Luna about what she intended the phrase to mean when she coined it in 2015 and what Cara has taken it to mean as well as the Twitter discourse surrounding it and how she felt seeing it stolen. We also discuss why the term "pegging" itself can be problematic, its origin story with former guest Dan Savage and various other terms to use instead. 

We then learn all about pegging welcuming back Lola Jean, sex educator and instructor of Remy's masturbation class, who teaches us about using fingers, using a strap on, and toys to use when first experiencing anal. We also talk to Brian who receives anal often from a cis female partner and tells us about how he got into it as well as his preparation for a date. 

TW: Sensitive content

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